Symposium 2018 Retrospective

The 2018 Fall Symposium themed “The State of Our Water” went very well in every way—so we’ve heard. There were a total of 195 seats booked this year, about twice that of last year’s Symposium. Besides receiving ecstatic feedback, we felt that every one the guest speakers were outstanding with sharp presentations in a fast-moving format that kept everyone on their toes. We are especially appreciative of them traveling here and making their presentations for no compensation other than to be making a difference.

Most of the most pressing questions were answered, and there were numerous requests for the Powerpoint presentations to be made available online. Here they are. Some had to be re-saved as PDFs due to large size. (Pardon the blurry phone-camera shots!) Enjoy!

NOTE: Please contact the corresponding presenter if you wish to use any of this material elsewhere.

Saundra Gray

Introduction and Gemini Springs Alliance Announcement

Download Presentation 2.4MB

David M. Sumner, Ph. D., PG

USGS in Florida – Hydrologic Data Collection and Analysis

Download Presentation 3MB

Katrina Locke

Update: Volusia County Save Our Springs and Rivers Initiative

Download Presentation 4MB

Jessy Wales

Update: Project H2O

Download Presentation 104kb

Melissa Ann Gibbs, Ph.D.

Impacts of Exotic Species on the Native Fauna of Springs & Rivers

Download Presentation 2MB

Deborah Shelley

Aquatic Preserve Alliance of Central Florida

Download Presentation 3MB

Heather Obara, Esq.

Update: Springs Monitoring and Projects

Download Presentation 1MB

David Hamstra

Update: Gemini Springs Septic Tank Abatement Program

Download Presentation 1MB

Dr. Kirsten Work

Update: Freshwater Spring Ecology

Download Presentation 2MB

Clay Henderson

Update: Springs BMAP and Appeals

Download Presentation 1MB

Luther F. Davis III

Swimming the St. Johns River from Sanford to Mayport

Download Presentation 5MB

Dr. Jason M. Evans

Keynote Address: Reclaiming the Future: Science, Engagement, and Hope in Our State of Watery Peril

Download Presentation 7MB

Casey Fitzgerald

Springs Restoration: Science, Policy and Projects

Download Presentation 7MB

Lisa Marie Prescott, M.Ed., CEHP

OSTDS Advanced Treatment Options for Nitrogen Reduction

Download Presentation 4MB


Stephen S. Kintner

Water Harvesting with Cisterns

Download Presentation 2MB


Lisa Rinaman

Not Enough Green, or Too Much? Conservation Funding, Algae Blooms, and the St. Johns River’s Middle Basin

Download Presentation 4MB

Michael Ulrich and Keith Riger

West Volusia Utilities: Water Quantity and Quality Solutions

Download Presentation 7MB

Jo Ann Macrina

Daytona Beach Demonstration Project to Convert Wastewater to Drinking Water

Download Presentation 8MB

Rick Kilby

Myth & Magic: Lessons from the History of Florida’s Waters

Download Presentation 16MB