Our Water, Our Future.

About the Volusia Water Alliance


The VOLUSIA WATER ALLIANCE is focused on the future of our aquifer, natural springs, and rivers—the sources of the water we drink, our recreation, our tourism, our wildlife, and the natural beauty of Florida.

The Alliance produces FREE public events every year including the Fall Symposium where industry experts and community members gather to share ideas, and The Water Festival every Spring in downtown DeLand, Florida, where individuals, businesses, families, children, and community associations come together to share, learn, have fun, and celebrate our most precious natural resource—our water.

Early Meeting

An early meeting of Volusia Water Alliance members. Around the table from the left: Patrick Shannon, Saundra Gray, Jane Durocher, Clay Henderson, Sharon Leboffe, Stephen Kintner, Keith Riger, Mariellen Calabro. Not shown: Judy Thompson

The primary founding partners of the Volusia Water Alliance include the City of DeLand, Stetson University’s Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, and the Blue Spring Alliance, as well as several others who graciously donate their time and valuable resources to produce and promote the events. Their hope is for wide-spread awareness of the issues that might bring enough people together to make the necessary changes to preserve our water supply for our future generations. Otherwise, the fresh water that we take for granted may soon become as rare and expensive as it is in other parts of the world.

The Volusia Water Alliance is operated entirely by volunteers, and every dollar donated goes directly to the costs of producing and promoting the events which includes bringing in some of the best minds in the business of water conservation and solutions.

The Alliance is forever grateful to all of our sponsors and media partners who generously donate to produce these events for free to the public.

If you think that you could contribute to the efforts of the Volusia Water Alliance, please contact us with your ideas, or please consider  various Sponsorship opportunities that fuel the efforts of the organization.


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