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Free event. Great fun. Raise awareness.

Join us for FREE and have a good time while learning about our most precious resource – Our Water! From the aquifer beneath our feet, to our natural springs and rivers, and even to the faucets in our homes, our sources of fresh water are becoming increasingly threatened. It is now time to raise awareness and start working together to protect this vital resource – our natural waters.

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Things We All Need to Know

92% of our drinking water sources are in peril.
Our aquifer, springs and rivers are suffering from pollution and declining flows. These changes result from the over-pumping of our groundwater, pesticides, and the drainage of nitrates from lawn fertilizers, pet waste, poorly-treated sewage, and unmaintained septic tanks, into our waters. With more knowledge, residents can make better choices to conserve and protect this essential, shared, natural resource—our water.

There are some simple, everyday things that all of us can do to turn things around and preserve our fresh, natural water sources for a long time to come. Most people just don’t know these simple, everyday things!

Things We Can Do

  • Use water wisely. When brushing teeth or rinsing dishes, turn the faucet down to half the flow. It works just as well!
  • Try to run dishwashers and washing machines at shorter settings, like Light and Normal, instead of Heavy all the time.
  • More than 50% of our water usage is primarily for watering lawns! Follow watering guidelines (only watering on certain days) and transition your yard to native and Florida-friendly plants and grasses. Most of our lawns can thrive on half the water we’re using!
  • Keep lawn clippings, leaves, fertilizers and chemicals from entering the storm drains.
  • Use lawn fertilizers and chemicals sparingly, if at all. Switch to long-term time-released products.
  • Pick up after your dog. Their waste seeps down through the ground into our water!
  • Properly maintain your septic tank. Pump your tank every 3-5 years and have it inspected every 3 years.
  • Join the efforts of the Volusia Water Alliance. Together, we can save our aquifer, springs and rivers—the sources of our drinking water.  Learn more here at VolusiaWater.org.
  • Spread the word!  If everyone just knew these things, it would make a huge difference!



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