2019 Fall Symposium Retrospective

Short presentation on the problems we face and solutions by leaders and experts.




State of Our Water seal
Water Problems and Solutions

“We all have a dog in this fight for clean water. The sources of our clean water crisis are plentiful: over-permitting spring drawdowns, outdated septic tanks, pollution from industrial and agricultural sources, improper fertilizing, pesticide use, over-irrigating lawns, overdevelopment with poor management, unregulated household wells and more.”
– Sharon Leboffe, coordinator of the Volusia Water Alliance

Learn more from the speakers of our 2019 Symposium on key strategies to improve the quality of our water


Megan Martin
Community-based Water Quality Initiatives
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Dr. Wendy Anderson
Working From the Inside, Out: Promoting water conservation, nutrient reduction, and biodiversity in the Victoria Park Community
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Kelli McGee
Riverside Conservancy: Filling gaps & taking aim
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Jennifer Condo
What Does Monarch City USA Mean to DeLand?
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Stephen Kintner
West Volusia Audubon Building a Pollinator Network
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John Henry
Debary Bayou Restoration Initiative
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Dinah Pulver
National Environment Data Reporter for Gatehouse Media’s National Data & Investigations Team


West Volusia Water Suppliers
Water Supply Planning and TMDL Compliance
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Commissioner Chris Cloudman


Due to technical difficulties we were unable to retrieve the video presentations from the speakers below, our sincere apologies.

Dr. Don Spence
Why Not Natives?
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Steve Costa
Water and Development Issues: Implementing Florida friendly landscapes and low impact development in new development projects
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Dierde Irwin
Conservation and Water Supply in St. Johns River Water Management District
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