Our Water, Our Future.

    Volusia Water Alliance Virtual Symposium Series

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Volusia Water Symposium 2021

Springs, a Window into the Aquifer 

A look at where we are and where we are going

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 Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida

 This program was funded with the help of the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida via proceeds from the ‘Protect Florida Springs’ license plate.

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There are some serious concerns about our WATER.


The quality of our natural water supply is in peril.

Our springs and river flows are decreasing.

Nitrates are causing excessive algae growth which is killing our wildlife.

Our underground aquifer—from which we get our water—is being polluted…

Floridan Aquifer Graphic Montage

Where We Get Our Water

Most folks do not realize that our water supply for day-to-day drinking, cooking, and cleaning, comes from a vast underground network of water-filled caves called the Floridan Aquifer.  The aquifer contains fresh, clear water that even comes up from the ground in springs. But as our population grows, our lawn pesticides, pet waste, fertilizers and other chemicals, as well as leaky septic tanks and trash in our rain gutters, is all running down into our rivers and the ground which ends up in our aquifer. So what was previously our source of fresh, clean water is now being polluted with everything from lawn chemicals to dog waste, and human sewage with undigested pharmaceuticals! This is causing serious problems such as effects on our fish and wildlife, but the real problem will be when we can no longer use our natural water supply, which may be in as little as 30 years.

Together, We Could Change This.


As we become aware of the situation with our water, and share with others to become aware, there could eventually be enough people in the community to work together and bring about significant change. The only solutions known at this time are combinations of government initiatives, industry advancements, business sponsorship, and a mass uniting of our communities to change how we think about water, how we use water at in our daily lives, and how we raise up our future generations.

In this first phase of creating awareness, the Volusia Water Alliance is inexpressibly grateful to the sponsors and media partners who generously donate vital funding and resources to help produce annual events that are FREE to the public. These events are the primary means through which we educate the public and increase awareness of the impending problems—and possible solutions.

Could you or your organization possibly be a donor or sponsor? It is a noble cause with which to have your name associated!

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